Cable Driven Parallel Robot

Unmanned Convenience Store

  • Display-type Unmanned Store: A service/related system that connects with user purchases or near-distance delivery services through mobile pre-order product display stands.
  • Locker-type Unmanned Store: A service/related system that transfers mobile pre-order-type products to an unmanned locker and connects with the user's direct pickup or near-distance delivery service
  • Kiosk-type Unmanned Store: A service that the purchaser directly receives when it is difficult to use the mobile app
  • An unmanned store using a cable driven parallel robot utilizes a small niche space, increases the purchase rate by properly furnishing products consumed by region/time slot through big data, and provides services of an unmanned store 24 hours a day, including emergency medicines, etc. By doing so, it can be connected with short-distance delivery service within 15 minutes, and it can be used as a new concept of local business, such as creating employment by putting the silver layer around the store into delivery service.